Super Excited

Something really cool and exciting is going to happen at SHTC!  We've been selected to "star" in Ocean City Commerce ads featuring Rodney the Lifeguard.  The location scout came in one day and said she really loved our store and thought it would be the perfect store for the upcoming ad.  Apparently, Rodney will visit a restaurant, pier, the beach, mini golf and a store - US!!!  Next week, 20 photographers, producers, actors, etc.  will converge on the store to film the commercial.  We're ready and super excited.  We're not sure how much of the store will be shown yet, but they will be filming inside.  The commercial will be shown to all the major markets, DC, Philadelphia and Baltimore!  So, when you see the new 2016 Rodney the Lifeguard ads for OCMD, make sure you watch for your favorite beach shop!  We'll try to post the commercial here when it's done.