Thanks for Another Awesome Summer!

What an exciting summer we had!  We were featured in the Ocean City marketing commercial which ran up and down the Eastern Seaboard featuring Rodney the Lifeguard.  Great exposure for us and for the city for sure.  And, for the first time, we ran cable TV commercials on Fox, Bravo and TLC.  Rarely a day went by when someone didn't mention they saw our commercial!   I have to say thanks to our  awesome crew this summer - Kara, Connor, Kamryn, Clare, Gabbie, Lexi, Deyton, Marietta, Emily, Hannah, Ali, Heather and Mackenzie.  Everyone worked very hard and hopefully had fun while they were at it!  We added a couple of new brands this year, which did really well-Vera Bradley and Southern Lure.  We'll be bringing those back plus a lot more!  We're already working on 2017 with plans to go to the Atlanta gift show and the Surf Show, both in January.  And, finally, to our AWESOME smiling customers who come back year after year with so many compliments and nice things to say plus our NEW customers, THANK YOU SO MUCH for an amazing summer!